About Us

Out of the Fog Now, OFN, is a group of women from different backgrounds who have been exposed to abuse in one form or another that have come together to share their experiences and knowledge in hopes that victims and survivors will find the information and strength they need to claim back their lives.

Who is OFN?

We are a group of women comprised of survivors, lawyers, therapists, psychiatrists and family members of victims.  Each of us have helplessly witnessed the struggle of women and children fighting against abuse either first hand or from the side lines.  Most importantly, we are women that have been, one time in our lives, victims of abuse.

What is OFN going to do?

We have learned through our experiences that there is not enough information or awareness about abuse to help victims, their families and friends understand what is happening in their lives or, even worse, know how to step forward in the path of a survivor.  Out of the Fog Now is going to share what they have learned, what they have experienced, how they fought back, why they fought back, and how they found the strength and courage to be a survivor.

We are not only going to create awareness, but we are going to shine the light on abuse and bring it out of the Fog it hides in.

Why is OFN doing it?

We at Out of the Fog Now, having once been a victim ourselves, understands the importance of knowing that a victim is not alone.  We are here because we know, understand, recognize and relate to the struggles and battles of a victim more in-depth than others who have never been in their shoes.  Out of the Fog Now realizes that it is time to stand up and fight back against abuse through shouting the truth and speaking the reality of facts.


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