The making of an abuser …

by bbqueen46

A lot has to be said for how an abuser was as a son, brother and boyfriend.  One can’t be so different the other, for love has to be the fundamental ingredient, if not by choice than by affinity … for one can not truly love without loving your own.

Abusers almost always never leave their prey.  And, if by a remote chance they do, they hold steadfast to their faulty claim with firm control through whatever means possible …

Victims of abuse find themselves under a cloud of misconceptions portrayed for them by the abuser to think lowly of themselves or that it is their fault.  I say victims because it is never by choice but rather by conditioning and years of programming through a cycle.

It is not always bad, for there is a honeymoon stage to a building period until the outburst happens and then, honeymoon, etc … again.  Once on this cycle, the victim can not get off … always thinking that it will get better … often if not always defending the abuser at their or everybody else’s expense.

Abuse need not always be physical and for most of the time it is psychological, emotional, financial, and sexual … having said that, an abuser didn’t have to go out to acquire this behavior, he was born and exposed into it by a dysfunctional relationship whether it was from his parents or some other significant person.  His regard for women couldn’t have been ideal and will never be.


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