I didn’t know my own strength …

by Michelle B. Araneta

Just last Friday I was reminded of these words I wrote and originally posted on Facebook.  One of my daughter’s teachers came up to me and asked if I wrote the words she read a month or so ago.  It took some time digging up the post, reading it and having her say, “That’s the one!” before I told her, “Yes, those are my words.”

Many times we often forget the strength we have and we need to be reminded, especially when we least expect it.  Below I would like to share with you the post I wrote not too long ago.

*Originally written February 20, 2012

I’ve realized more and more this past week that, people don’t fully understand abuse.  It saddens me that it takes a graphic picture for people to open their hearts to the pain of others.  Pain should not be measured by the blood, bruises, and scars on our skin, but through the bleeding, shattering and screaming of ones heart and soul. Without opening our hearts and without putting aside our pride, we may never fully understand the pain and suffering of others.

Judgements and assumptions are nothing more than foolish illusions that reflect our own insecurities and selfish need for want of the spotlight.  People will come and go, giving their opinions and self-righteous explanations on the intricate details unknown to them about the situations at hand, never once stopping with honest intent, to ask about the actual facts.

In the years that have come and gone, I have found true friendship, let go of those that betrayed me, and stayed away from those who only want to exploit me.  The path that I have taken, has not been an easy one.  Filled with ups and downs, meant to build character and faith.  I have experienced more than I ever thought possible and my journey is still ongoing, but as life moves forward and with every step I take, I am thankful and humbled for all the blessings and lessons that have made me stronger and wiser.

Someone once said not too long ago that I love clouds and that couldn’t be more true.  It is in that moment when I look up to the sky and see the gorgeous canvas painted above me for all of us, that, I feel the awesome power of His Grace and Glory.  My stomach flutters, my heart pounds and nothing else in the world matters because I know He is with me.  Guiding me, embracing me, watching over me … reminding me that in everything I do, He is holding my hand every step of the way.

We go through life caught up in moments that are almost forgotten in a blink of an eye and at the end of the day, we sometimes question what it was all for.  Every day I try to get lost in love, surrender to the miracle of life, and breathe in a breath of hope.  This Monday, wherever you are, whatever you have planned, whenever you feel the need … take a moment to let life sweep you off your feet.  It is then, and only then, that you will know.

*This is also posted on my personal blog : unravelingmyself , with a different video


3 Comments to “I didn’t know my own strength …”

  1. Thank you so much for your post. As I am sharing my story I realize some of my “close” friends have not even acknowledged my story. It was so hard for me to tell them and then when they say nothing about it, it really broke my heart. I am realizing that it is my healing and I cant look to others for validation. These journey is not easy, but I do realize I am Stronger than I ever thought I could be. I am starting to see who I can count on and who I cant.

  2. I was actually going to write something about that very issue, sharing my story with those I thought would have stood by me, but I couldn’t put the words together … it’s something I will have to share when the time is right.

    I’ve gone through so much, and I know you have as well, but what I’ve learnt through this time is the true meaning of friendship. It has a tendency to come from the least expected places. Those that I grew up with and those that ‘knew’ me did not stand by me. In fact, they ended up standing against me. It was the ones I never expected that held my hand, supported me, and allowed me to heal. I am very blessed and grateful for their friendship.

    Yes, true validation can only come from yourself … but sharing your story with those that understand can give you the eyes and heart you need to be able to validate your story, your emotions and yourself.

    Unfortunately, strength is something we don’t truly learn until we are forced to pick up the pieces and stand tall against all odds.

  3. Tragic how ‘Fame’ isolates and yet ironically cast a public domain on a world treasure … which then leaves them only as an easy pry of the every willing second-rate ‘wanna be’ to climb on to and ravish her for his very own selfish pleasure.
    THEN, we wonder what happened? Why didn’t she walk away? Why did she take it all?

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